The "I" in Pompeii and the "US" in Vesuvius


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Presenters: Dr. Steve Nash and Samantha Richards

Date Aired: November 29, 2012

Join us for this free webinar for teachers about the temporary exhibition A Day in Pompeii. What was life like in this ancient city of the Roman Empire? How does this culture still influence us today?  And why does the destruction of Pompeii resonate so heavily with Americans and Westerners in general?   Take a tour with us and find ways to make this amazing discovery more meaningful for your students through personal perspectives and comparisons of life then and now.

Join Dr. Steve Nash, chair and curator of archaeology in the Anthropology Department, and Samantha Richards, the Museum's earth sciences educator, for this webinar for teachers grades 5-12, or any educators interested in the topic.

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