Nonfiction Text: Making a Claim for Evidence-based Inquiry


Especially for informal or formal educators.


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Presenter: Jessica Fries-Gaither

Date Aired: October 17, 2013

Informational text can support and strengthen the skills you want your students to use for inquiry investigation. In this webinar, we’ll explore the notion of how evidence derived from both inquiry and informational text can be used to help students to use their skills in argumentation and evidence-based claims. We’ll examine how we can better prepare our students to use their skills in reading, writing, communicating, and critical thinking while discovering things that pique their natural curiosity and interest.

Join Jessica Fries-Gaither, elementary teacher and author of Inquiring Scientists, Inquiring Readers: Using Nonfiction Text to Promote Science Literacy, as she provides us with rich perspectives on how teachers and school librarians can work in tandem through this approach.

Funding for this webinar generously provided by BP America, Inc.

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