Board of Trustees and Executive Profiles

2016 Board of Trustees

Chair: Wayne Hutchens
Vice chair: Montgomery Cleworth

Lisa Levin Appel, Matthew Burkett, Christopher Chavez, John Couzens, James Crocker, Peter Dea, John Freyer, Henry Gordon, Steven Halstedt, Allegra “Happy” Haynes, Cary Kennedy, Walter Koelbel Jr., John Levisay, David Liniger, Harold Logan Jr., Naresh Mandava, Christine Marquez-Hudson, Anne McCarthy, Stephen McConahey, Susan McIntire, Carrie Morgridge, Timothy Ryan, Mark Sexton, M. Ray Thomasson, Leo Tilman, Edward Warner

Pictured above, Board of Trustees, top row, from left: N. Mandava, J. Levisay, J. Crocker, E. Warner, M. Burkett, M. Sexton, W. Koelbel, P. Dea, T. Ryan; bottom row, from left: C. Chavez, S. McConahey, M. Cleworth, C. Marquez-Hudson, A. McCarthy, M. R. Thomasson, S. Halstedt, A. Haynes, J. Couzens, L. Appel, H. Logan, H. Gordon, S. McIntire, L. Tilman, W. Hutchens

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George Sparks

President & CEO

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Mary Hacking

Vice President of Visitor Experience

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Ed Scholz

Vice President of Finance and Business Operations

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Nancy Walsh

Vice President of Partnerships and Programs

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Serena Bruzgo

Vice President of Development

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