8 Fun Facts About the New Infinity Theater at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

Note: This is a soft opening. Our Infinity theater is brand new and we're working through the normal process of tweaking our systems, adding more programming, trailers and pre-shows, updating our lighting and installing new elements to enhance your experience.  


After a few months of renovations, we’re excited to welcome you back to the all-new Infinity Theater at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science! This state-of-the-art theater has elevated services and experiences for our guests, as well as innovative technological improvements.  

Be one of the first to experience Denver's newest giant theater.

The Infinity Theater opens Dec. 21. Get your tickets, here.  



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Museum visitors and members experience the magic of the new Infinity Theater at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on opening day, Dec. 21, 2023. (Julio Poletti/ DMNS)

New Features include:  

  • A new, high gain 2.9 MDI Premium HGA silver 3D cinema screen, which will provide natural and immersive 2D and 3D experiences with projection system.   
  • The Infinity Theater has a new surround sound. A premium QSC 5.1 point-source sound system, putting out a combined total of 28,600 watts via 39 speaker drivers.  
  • New audio and visual accessibility features, such as a multi-channel surround sound, hearing induction loop and updated closed captioning system.

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  • New lobby entrance finishings which will be enhanced even further starting in 2023. Hint: Think lush forest!
  • New concessions area offering popcorn, drinks and sweets.  
  • New laser projection system (see D3D Cinema) capable of crystal-clear imaging. The new laser projection system will be able to show both 2D and 3D films. 
  • Enhanced programming: In addition to documentaries, we will show Hollywood classic movies, independent movies, livestream concerts and performances, other multimedia shows and have the freedom to use the theater for a variety of other events. 
  • More sustainable finishings and procedures (examples include eye glass washing equipment and process, LED lighting, energy efficient projection system). 

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the wild land of the Serengeti, home to most of Africa’s iconic animals. This 3D movie lets you lose yourself in how nature orchestrates a perfect symphony in which every species has a very distinct role to play in a larger story—the balance of an entire ecosystem. You’ll experience the cycle of life from youngsters imitating their parents and the role each species plays. 

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Ocean Odyssey 
Follow a three-month-old baby whale on a magical journey down one of the Earth’s great ocean highways to discover the incredible world of ocean currents. She will never know it, but as she swims with the flow of the current, her story becomes inexorably connected to our own. Jump in the flow of this immersive giant screen 3D adventure and discover how the ocean nurtures all life on earth, from the smallest fish...to us

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