Imagine the Future.   

The moment you enter this new experience, it will get a little eclectic, kind of nerdy and a bit amazing as we explore nature, science and the world around us in completely unexpected and magical ways. With the help of our community, we will transform 20,000 square feet in the heart of the Museum’s first floor, revitalizing three of our oldest wings and activating the building’s last large undeveloped space. Hidden behind the scenes for more than 25 years, these spaces will once again serve as a bustling hub for guests.  

Future First is driven by your curiosities. Engaging with our community, we have learned that what matters most is understanding the unprecedented impact that humans have on changes to our planet. This science is the focal point of this future experience: exploring our human relationship to the natural world and each other, and the ways in which our behavior and biases – both conscious and unconscious – contribute to our changing planet. 

Building with Community

Community members in creative workshops around the Denver Metro area, sharing ideas and developing a new experience alongside the Museum team. To learn about upcoming opportunities to participate email us at [email protected]

About the Experience

The overall experience includes a “choose your adventure” component, where a guest’s curiosity leads them on a personalized journey where their decisions, and the decisions of others around them, matter to the outcome. Guests will come away from the experience with the knowledge that:

  • There is an interconnectedness that supports life and Earth’s systems.
  • Together our individual actions make a collective and meaningful difference.
  • Our collective future on Earth mandates action in the face of climate change.

The experience also incorporates a new gems and minerals exhibit, to re-envision the beloved Coors Gems & Minerals Hall. Designed as a “Cave of Wonders,” guests will explore gems and minerals without barriers, see, touch and discover big and bold specimens from Colorado around the world and make connections to the rich mineral heritage of Colorado.   

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Thank You

Thanks to those who have already helped our Museum with your ideas, feedback, input or participation over the last few years.

We have completed preliminary designs and planning for this new, first-floor experience continues. We will have many more opportunities to shape its future together. Please check back for updates or use the link above to sign up to receive updates and be notified of upcoming opportunities to participate. 

“I think it’s really innovative. It’s really thinking beyond the box. I don’t know of another museum that does something like that, so I’m really excited!” - Community Member

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