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Nature Play in City Park

Inspired by Coloradoan’s passion for nature and science and driven by their adventure-filled spirits, the Museum is partnering with Denver Parks and Recreation to tap into the natural world around us.

The Museum and City Park have grown up together. City Park is a thriving ecosystem of nature, and the Museum cultivates the science of nature. Bringing these two treasures together gives park users and Museum guests a new sense of discovery—inside and out.

As part of the recently completed City Park Master Plan Update, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is excited to be a part of the re-development of the small playground in City Park by creating nature play spaces and providing a stronger connection between the Museum and the park. As plans get underway, the Museum is engaging the community in conversations about what makes nature, science, and play meaningful to them.

The ultimate goal of nature play spaces is to inspire curiosity and a love of the outdoor environment, planting the idea that protecting and caring for it is something we can all do together.

Opening Doors

From May 25 to September 2, 2019, the doors on the west side of the building will be open during business hours, inviting City Park and Museum visitors to connect nature and science with a meaningful outdoor experience!

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