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Meet our Mentors!

Kristen MacKenzie
Position: Earth Sciences Collections Manager

Kristen revels in the challenges of managing 1.25+ million Earth Science specimens at the Museum. Kristen has worked in collections management at Florida Museum of Natural History, Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History, and the John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Kristen’s MS in geology is from the University of Oregon, where she described the paleontology and geology of an Oligocene-Miocene vertebrate site in southern Oregon that she discovered in 2006. Kristen is unreasonably fond of early fossil canid, camelid, and rodent alpha-taxonomy and is always enamored with sedimentary basin fill stratigraphy.

Nicole Neu-Yagle
Position: Earth Sciences Assistant Collections Manager

Nicole loves museums and is obsessed with evolutionary biology. She sees fossils and rocks as the key to understanding what we are: with careful study and imagination, we can see what the world used to be like, how it has changed, and make predictions for the future. Nicole studied biology, geology, and art in college, and completed a masters in museum & field studies. She manages the paleobotany, invertebrate paleontology, and geology collections at the DMNS. Her MS thesis research focused on Paleocene mammals, identifying tiny and diverse mammal species which lived in North America after the non-avian dinosaurs went extinct.

All About Kristen and Nicole

Day in the Life of Kristen and Nicole

Virtual Clubhouse

Earth Sciences Collections

Clubhouse Chat and Q&A

Clubhouse Mentors share their inspirations and amazing achievements, and answer your questions about their jobsWe're excited to offer ASL and Spanish interpretation for our on-demand Clubhouse Chats.

Clubhouse Chat and Q&A with Kristen MacKenzie and Nicole Neu-Yagle
Original Broadcasting Date: Saturday, March 13, 2021


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Activity Demonstration:
Make your own museum - and catalogue YOUR Collection!

Activity Instructions (English and Spanish)
Specimen Tags (English and Spanish)

Additional Girls & Science Engagement

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science and CBS4 are excited to host the seventh annual Girls & Science event. Explore the many diverse opportunities a future career in science, technology, engineering, arts and math can bring. Girls (and all kids!) and their families will connect and engage with women mentors in STEAM careers through virtual engagement and presentations and hands-on activities anyone can do from home.  Ignite your passion for science! 

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