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Raytheon Technologies

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Julie Montoya
Position: VIIRS lead analyst

Julie Montoya attended Washington University in St. Louis where she earned degrees in Control Systems Engineering. She has worked at Raytheon for 12 years. 
In her current role as VIIRS lead analyst, she is responsible for mathematically analyzing all of the data produced on the ground in test labs. After launch, she is occasionally called on to help with on-orbit anomaly resolution by analyzing data from one to two VIIRS sensors currently orbiting the earth. VIIRS is weather sensor, built for NASA, which captures images to aid in hurricane detection, vegetation monitoring, and fire tracking among other environmental data records.


Behind the Scenes with Julie, VIIRS

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Virtual Clubhouse

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Clubhouse Chat and Q&A

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Clubhouse Chat and Q&A with Julie Montoya
Original Broadcasting Date: Thursday, March 11, 2021



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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science and CBS4 are excited to host the seventh annual Girls & Science event. Explore the many diverse opportunities a future career in science, technology, engineering, arts and math can bring. Girls (and all kids!) and their families will connect and engage with women mentors in STEAM careers through virtual engagement and presentations and hands-on activities anyone can do from home.  Ignite your passion for science! 

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