Letter from the President

Dear Members,

What a year it has already been. 

I want to acknowledge the extreme challenges the COVID-19 global pandemic is placing on people personally, as well as on cultural organizations and businesses. I’ve been humbled and challenged, saddened and elated, and everything in between during this time, but what inspires me through it all is humanity’s capacity for imagination and community. Together, we will get through this.  

Since my last message, the Museum experienced its longest closure in history – 100 days – due to COVID-19.  

Shortly after we closed, our building operations and science division teams quickly mobilized to donate the personal protective equipment we had to a local health care provider. We launched additional virtual programming so we could continue to connect with you around nature and science through [email protected], which is still going strong. On April 28, we announced another significant scientific discovery of a prehistoric “bizarre beast” from 66 million years ago. Read more about Adalatherium hui. At the end of May, the murder of George Floyd outraged us, and highlighted the importance of our ongoing efforts to become a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and accessible organization. We actively stand against the systemic racism that persists in the United States. To that end, we have hired a consultant who is working with us to create our equity plan, which will include concrete actions we will take. I look forward to sharing that with you and the rest of our community. 

On June 23, we were ecstatic to reopen with a great lineup of exhibitions to carry us into 2021. Continue reading for your exclusive look at our two temporary exhibitions: “The Art of the Brick” and “Dogs! A Science Tail.” See more here.  

And at press time, we are within days of opening a completely reimagined “Space Odyssey.” We invite you to let your imagination run free and explore answers to the question, “How do we know that about space?” in a number of ways, from storytelling around a campfire to piloting a fantasy spaceship and immersing yourself in a spacewalk. For more fun details on the new experience, click here

Thank you for your support. 

George Sparks signature

George Sparks, President & CEO 
[email protected] 

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