As We Prepare

As we prepare for the season’s change, I’m feeling hopeful and I’m looking forward to sharing a summer of science and fun with all of you at your Museum 

“Numbers in Nature” opened earlier this month to great reception. If you weren’t able to attend one of the members only events, I hope you’ll visit us soon to explore the wondrous ways math is all around us in nature and find your way through the mirror maze. Don't miss the "Numbers in Nature" Featured Exhibition article, and for even more, visit 

We're excited to be planning for our fourth annual Institute for Science & Policy Symposium while also continuing to connect with people across the country through our webinar series. From wolves and wildfires to making sense of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve unpacked a lot of issues. Click over to the Museum Insider article for more about the Institute’s past webinar series and details on the upcoming symposium.  

And finally, I hope you’ll spend a few minutes on our In The Know article. Not only does it include helpful tips to make the most of your membership, but it also highlights updates from each of our strategic initiatives. In the last issue, I wrote about our commitment to standing against systemic racism and actively breaking down systems and structures within our own organization. I’m glad to share that we have created an initiative within our strategic plan to help us stay focused on this critical work: Equity. As you’ll see through the updates, we’re committed to co-creating with our communities what the Museum of the future can be, and we hope you’ll join us along the journey.  

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