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Nature Play Breaks Ground Winter 2022

It’s no secret that Coloradans love our wild spaces. Nature gives us our first moments of wonder, sparking curiosity in young minds and is a bridge to scientific learning and exploration. Playing outside in nature creates opportunities to experiment and question and has the power to transform our relationship to the world around us.

Part nature-inspired playground, and part gently meandering trails and native habitat, Nature Play will honor the diverse ecosystems of Colorado by transforming a 4.5-acre section of City Park into a space where both local nature and people thrive. (For some history on City Park, flip to Museum Treasures on page 11.) The space currently houses a combination of wild meadowland and groomed lawns, paved and gravel trails, a playground, and a forested box canyon that once flowed with water, constructed by early park designers to be reminiscent of the nearby Rocky Mountains.

The project will bring the dioramas inside your Museum to life and serve as a wonderful escape to the far reaches of Colorado within our urban park. The project will reintroduce native plants, restore water flow throughout the project footprint and provide children and families natural play features that interpret the flora and fauna represented in the dioramas.

The new space will act as a bridge between nature and the Museum, providing a freely accessible space for exploratory play and experiential learning for park-goers and Museum visitors alike. We invite you to learn more and to find out how to get involved by clicking to!

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The sun sets on City Park, setting the Denver skyline aglow.

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