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The Museum has adjusted some health and safety and ticketing procedures. We wanted to highlight some of those changes for you as you plan for your next visit.

  • The Phipps IMAX® Theater will close for renovations on July 19 and reopen in December. We’ll be installing a new laser projection system and updating the lobby.
  • Timed tickets are required for General Admission. The “Mazes & Brain Games” experience is included with membership and does not require a separate ticket. A separate, timed ticket is required for “Egypt: The Time of Pharaohs.”
  • Download and use the DMNS eCard app for convenient access to your membership on the go.
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Strategic Plan Update

We’re on a mission to nurture the enduring spirit of curiosity that lives in us all. We have this big idea that when the community links arms with us to co-create the future of its Museum, we can connect with everyone, everywhere.

The Everyone, Everywhere strategic plan includes several initiatives to make nature and science learning experiences accessible and fun! These projects are designed to reach people both in the Museum's building and outside of our walls where people live, work, play and learn.

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The Equity Initiative continues to iterate and expand in 2022. This year, we focus on supporting Museum staff to continue to learn, grow and ensure that the Museum is a wonderful, fair place to work and visit. We invite you to join us in this ongoing work to make the Museum a place where all are respected and welcomed. Email [email protected] with questions or feedback.

Future First

This summer and into the fall, the Future First team will be synthesizing information gained during the past 12 months to plan the schedule for the project and obtain approval for the next phase of work to redesign 20,000 square feet on the Museum’s first floor. For more details and opportunities to get involved, visit

Nearby Nature

Together with Denver Parks & Recreation, City Park neighbors and our community, we are exploring Colorado’s unique ecosystems through natural, immersive play, revitalizing the Box Canyon waterway, and creating spaces that encourage gathering, respite and investigation in Denver’s iconic City Park. This spring, we will have reached an exciting milestone with the completion of the design detail phase. The design takes inspiration from the Explore Colorado diorama hall and uses plantings and natural play features to evoke the diverse ecosystems of Colorado. To stay in the know and receive invitations to community input opportunities and events, email [email protected] or visit

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Space Odyssey Reimagined

We transformed our most popular permanent exhibition and opened to the public on Nov. 13, 2020.

Explore "Space Odyssey"
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Guests play in "Space Odyssey"


We collaborate with teachers and students to offer a suite of engaging STEAM learning opportunities throughout the year. The addition of seven new Curiosity Kits and Wonder Workshops in fall 2017 completed our menu of options for ExciteEd and enables the Museum to meet teachers and students wherever they are – at the Museum, in their classroom and online. As teachers and students have adapted to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, this project has continued to meet them wherever they are learning—in school, at the Museum, online and at home. Visit for an overview of these experiences.

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In the Community

Imagination needs a home everywhere, from mountain tops to shopping malls. We built this initiative on the idea that exploration and discovery can happen anywhere. This is why you’ll find us at Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Colorado Mills, online and occasionally taking people on archeological digs in Golden.

The Institute for Science & Policy

The Institute for Science & Policy is a catalyst for thoughtful dialogue, working toward solutions on society’s greatest challenges with scientific thinking, empathy, and inclusivity. This year, the Institute will produce a longform narrative podcast exploring water scarcity in Colorado and host its annual public Symposium in December. Head to for more updates.

Museum on Wheels

Through this initiative, we are bringing all-new nature and science experiences to both schools and the community through two different-sized vehicles with unique programming: The Curiosity Cruiser and The Time Hopper.

Curiosity Cruiser

The Curiosity Cruiser is a custom trailer that connects adults and families with nature and science. The Cruiser is on the road and popping up at events across the Metro Denver area. Visit to learn more about the new Wonderosity theme and to bring the Curiosity Cruiser to your block party, festival or office event!

Time Hopper

The Time Hopper will be an expandable RV, themed as a time machine, that challenges students and families across Colorado to imagine the future through a technology-rich and highly dynamic experience, primarily serving schools throughout Colorado. The team completed the design phase of this project in 2020.

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Guests enjoy activity inside Curiosity Cruiser 

IMAX® Update

The Phipps IMAX Theater will close on July 19 for renovations. We're excited to reopen in December and welcome you into an all-new experience from the lobby décor and seating to the projection and sound systems! Visit for updates.  

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