Member FAQ COVID-19

Q: When will the Museum reopen?

A: A date to reopen has not been determined. When it is please know that Members will be among the first to know. We are staying in close communication with state and regional health officials as well as the Centers for Disease Control.

Q: How are the Museum staff?

A: One of the Museum’s values is to cultivate relationships. In fact, our CEO George Sparks is always talking about how life is about relationships and that everything we do is about people. Please be assured that the Museum is caring for the employees and, in turn, the employees are doing their best to care for the Museum during this time. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and concern.

Q: Will the Pixar and/or Sports exhibits be extended [since they close early April]?

A: We are unable to extend these exhibits beyond their scheduled time with us as they are traveling exhibits and have schedules to follow and other Museums to visit.

Q: I bought tickets for [event, program, etc.] and I’m wondering if it is still going to happen?

A: Please call or email Member Services and they will absolutely be able to assist you. 303.370.6306 or [email protected]

Q: Can I cancel my membership?

A: Your membership is a year-long experience and we are optimistic that despite this closure blip you will be able to engage with the Museum in numerous ways over the course of the year. Additionally, your membership expiration date will be adjusted for free to accommodate for this time we have been closed. Also, memberships are considered all or partially tax deductible donations.

Q: Does the Museum need money during this time…OR…Can I make a donation?

A: As a nonprofit the Museum relies on the generosity of people like you to ignite a passion for nature and science in everyone. And while our doors may currently be closed, we are working behind the scenes to ensure that the important work the Museum does to engage everyone in science learning continues virtually and eventually again in person, including for example, providing free access to youth will be possible when our doors re-open. If you would like to support the Museum with a donation we would be so grateful. If you’d like to do this please visit and click the ‘donate now’ button.


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