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Looking for something to do? Try some of these fun science and art activities

Art of the Brick Building Contest

Bring out your family’s engineering and art skills by entering our Brick Building Contest. Ready, set, BUILD!

Make a Stegosaurus Sculpture

Learn how to make a Stegosaurus out of Play Doh. Come sculpt with us!

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Lemon Dissection

Gather your lemon, knife, and cutting board and take a closer look at lemons!


Join our #DMNSScienceParty and beat boredom with our At Home Science Flyers.

Human Skeleton Worksheet

Using the helpful questions and word bank, identify the different bones in the human skeleton! When you are complete, make it your own. You can color it, name it, add a background and then take a photo and have an
adult post it online to #DMNS.

Sourdough Starter

Learn the science behind making a sourdough starter with Education/Performer Kristina.

Creating Colors

Have fun mixing colors in an easy and contained way! This activity can be done with children of all ages. 

Making Waves

Some kinds of energy travel in waves. Here’s a way to visualize them.

Las Burbujas (Bubbles)

Para todas las edades. ¿Cómo se forman las burbujas? ¿Qué tipo de experimentos puedes hacer con burbujas?   ¡Vamos a probarlos!

Origami Butterfly

Create a beautiful butterfly while learning more about these special creatures.

Ramps and Rollers

Investigate cause and effect. Observe object properties and characteristics of building materials, ramps, rollers, and sliders to discover that objects move differently depending on materials and shape.

Stay At Home Activities for Kids

Amanda, educator/performer at the Museum, shares some activity ideas that she has been using at home with her own kids. Learn how to save frozen superheroes, build cardboard skee ball, and teach literacy with materials you find in your backyard.


Astronaut Training Course

Astronauts train and maintain healthy lifestyles to be physically fit for space travel. Learn how to train like an astronaut and prepare for your first space expedition with this activity guide!