Lesson Plans and Activities

Our talented Museum educators have created a list of their favorite lesson plans and at-home science activities.  

Counting Pikas in a Population

Age Range: Ages 10-17.  In this activity related to ecology, ecosystems and populations, you will learn a fun way to estimate the number of pikas in a population using a method that scientists actually use. As a way of integrating math into your learning, you can also make calculations to test and see if the method really works.



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Animal Interactions - Pikas & their Predators

Age Range: 10-17.  In this activity related to ecology, ecosystems, predator-prey relationships, energy food chains, and populations, you will play a game to see how weasels control the size of the pika population and how pikas control the size of the weasel population.  Using math, you'll also calculate how populations can change.



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Tie Dye Fun

Age Range: 10-14.  Tie Dyeing is a fun, creative art project you can do at home.  This activity shows you how to do it. Can you predict what kind of pattern your tie dye will make?  Try it out with the help of an adult and see if your predictions are correct!

Paper Chromatography

Age range:  6-12.  In this activity, we will learn about paper chromatography and along the way we’ll also make a chromatography “flower”.

Astronaut Helmets

Age range: 4-8.  Through art and play, we will make space helmets to learn about how astronauts protect themselves in space.

Las Burbujas (Bubbles)

Para todas las edades. ¿Cómo se forman las burbujas? ¿Qué tipo de experimentos puedes hacer con burbujas?   ¡Vamos a probarlos!

Building Bridges

Age range:  4-12.  Design and build a bridge and understand how they work. Different types of bridges can serve different purposes depending on how they are built.


Age range:  5-8.  Cut out and create your own models of dinosaurs

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Zip Line

Age range:  5-13. Design your own home-made zip-line by using gravity. 

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Build a Space Colony

Age range 8-11.  Build a colony that could sustain human life on Mars

Making Oobleck at Home: Fun with Physics!

Age range 9-11.  Learn about states of matter--by making Oobleck!

Bird Watching in Your Neighborhood

Age range 5-13.  Make observations of birds in your neighborhood by keeping a birdwatching journal.