COVID-19 Webinar: How Has Social Distancing Affected Colorado?

Coloradans have increased their time spent at home since mid-March following statewide policy interventions implemented by Governor Polis and increased social distancing guidelines set by essential businesses. Using digital trace data, scientists have been able to study general patterns in population mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic. The results find noteworthy trends, including variation across different areas of the state, a voluntary reduction in movement even before Stay-at-Home orders took effect, and recent reversals in the overall amount of time spent in public.

Jude Bayham, Ph.D., is an assistant professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics at Colorado State University and the co-lead author of the recently published report, titled “Colorado Mobility Patterns During the COVID-19 Response.” Bayham will discuss the study’s key findings, including trends and patterns in how Coloradans are (or aren’t) spending time away from home as well as policy implications for coronavirus outcomes moving forward. 

This event is presented by the Colorado School of Public Health, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and the Institute for Science & Policy.

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