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History of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science

The lecture is full of interesting twists, personal anecdotes and insights, big personalities, meanderings through familiar and unfamiliar content, and the kind of "we don't know's?" that set the imagination and curiosity spinning in new directions.

Stories in Stone: The Mineralogy of Vasily Konovalenko

Our Geology Curator James Hagadorn talks about the mineral choices and characteristics of our beloved gem sculptures.


Controlling the COVID-19 Epidemic in Colorado: A Conversation with Dr. Jon Samet

Jonathan Samet, MD, MS and Dean of the Colorado School for Public Health discusses solutions and challenges around slowing the spread of the disease, as well as insights gained from working closely with state officials on their public health guidance. 


COVID-19 Vaccines and Therapeutics: What Lies Ahead?

In part two of our ongoing COVID-19 webinar series, we’ll explore the science behind vaccine development and which medical avenues could prove most effective in quelling the coronavirus.

Testing for COVID-19 in Colorado

In the third part of our ongoing coronavirus webinar series, tune in for a discussion on Colorado’s approach to testing and how it fits into the state’s broader response. 

60 Minutes in Space

Hear a presentation by astrobiologist and research scientist for the Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Graham Lau!


Science Behind SciFi

Have you been watching your favorite sci-fi movies? Delve into the science behind popular sci-fi movies with Museum scientists and Vincent Piturro, professor of film and media studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver. 

Canaries in the Mine: Decline of North America's Birds

Last year, the headlines that 3 billion birds have disappeared from North America since 1970 shocked the world and captured our attention. Join avian conservation scientist, Arvind Panjabi, from Bird Conservancy of the Rockies for a live virtual presentation to discuss this groundbreaking research.

The Great Debate: Pi vs. Pie

We’re teaming up with Denver’s beloved Buntport Theater for The Great Debate! A comedic debate between two opinionated amateurs. Who will you side with as they go head-to-head, toe-to-toe, in a not-so-scientific way, to finally put the great Pi(e) debate to rest? Vote your conscious because the stakes have never been more irregular or sweeter?! Grab your favorite beverage and Zoom in!

Donations are appreciated and will be split ​between Buntport Theater and the Museum.

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Digital Earth: Volcanoes

Take a virtual trip to volcanic sites around the world with Ka Chun Yu, curator of space science, and Bob Raynolds, research associate. From ancient Pompeii to present day Yellowstone National Park, volcanoes have made their mark on people and landscapes. What dangers are seething just below the surface? Which volcano will erupt next? Learn the facts about this explosive geologic phenomenon!

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