Canaries in the Mine: Decline of North America's Birds

Last year, the headlines that 3 billion birds have disappeared from North America since 1970 shocked the world and captured our attention. Join avian conservation scientist, Arvind Panjabi, from Bird Conservancy of the Rockies for a live virtual presentation to discuss this groundbreaking research. The project combined population sizes and trends for 520 species of birds, with much of the data coming from Bird Conservancy’s Avian Conservation Assessment Database. Panjabi will share how the study was conducted, where the greatest certainties and uncertainties lie, and what it means for birds in Colorado and across North America. He’ll also share ways we can all can help reverse bird population declines including simple steps we can take in our daily lives and backyards.

Presented in partnership with Denver Museum of Nature & Science, with promotional support from Denver Audubon and Audubon Rockies.

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