Programs for Families

Explore our archive of videos that are great for your family.

Scientists Video Archive

Watch these videos about our previously featured scientists to learn more about their work and inspire questions from your students.

Scientists in Action Broadcast Archive

Take your students on a virtual field trip with past recordings of our live broadcasts events with scientists where they work!

The Dinosaur on Your Dinner Table

Explore this virtual exhibit and learn about the largest living dinosaur and it's escape from the asteroid.

Stories in Stone: The Mineralogy of Vasily Konovalenko

Our Geology Curator James Hagadorn talks about the mineral choices and characteristics of our beloved gem sculptures.


Rise of the Mammals Documentary

Watch the latest videos on the Museum’s recent discoveries near Colorado Springs, including the NOVA documentary, Rise of the Mammals.

Beyond Bizarre: The Crazy Beast of Madagascar

An international team of scientists led by David Krause, senior curator of vertebrate paleontology, have discovered a new fossil mammal, Adalatherium hui, from the island of Madagascar. 

Virtual Tour of the Universe for Families

No spaceship? No problem. From the comfort of your couch, space science educators Naomi, Mitch, and Jose will guide your family on a virtual adventure through the universe, starting with our home planet and voyaging into the solar system and beyond with the assistance of stunning scientific visualizations. Learn about our place in the universe, how we fit in the solar system, and the ways we are integrally connected to space!

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