The Curious Case of Colorado Cannibal Alferd Packer

Betrayal, murder, and cannibalism. Get ready for a wild ride not for the faint of heart with DMNS Archaeologist Erin Baxter, and her take on the infamous Coloradian, Alferd Packer.

After the Asteroid: Colorado Discovery That Rocked the World

Drs. Tyler Lyson and Ian Miller share their discovery of how life rebounded after Earth's darkest hour!

Yuck! How Can You Eat That?

Genetics Lab Manager Tiffany Nuessle discusses how taste works and dispels some taste myths!

The Vigango Repatriation

Senior Curator of Archaeology Steve Nash discusses the Museum's decade-long and ultimately successful effort to repatriate sacred grave posts of the Mijikenda of Kenya.

Spiders: Ask Me Anything

See her real life tarantula, and listen as Dr. Paula Cushing talks about her research exploring the evolution, diversity, and behavior of arachnids in Colorado and beyond. 

Science on the Spot: Earth Day

As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, our collections staff share some images of objects in our collections along with stories of tragedy and hope that accompany them.

How to Build a Dinosaur at Home

The fossil preparation lab at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is currently closed, but our preparators are continuing to work on new scientific discoveries from their kitchen tables!

The Marvelous Moche

This presentation by Curator of Archaeology, Michele Koons, explores the politics and power of the Moche archaeological culture (250-900 AD) of the North Coast of Peru.

The Konovalenko Chronicles

Join Senior Curator of Archaeology, Steve Nash, for a fantastic, colorful, whimsical summary of recent work on a documentary film on the artist and his work.

Colorado's Last Grizzly Bear

Join John Demboski, curator of mammals, as he talks about the fascinating story of Colorado’s last grizzly bear. 

Beyond Bizarre: The Crazy Beast of Madagascar

An international team of scientists led by David Krause, senior curator of vertebrate paleontology, have discovered a new fossil mammal, Adalatherium hui, from the island of Madagascar. 

Tracks and Scat

Poop. Yeah, we said it...POOP! 

Sweet Fossils and Secret Depths of the Grand Canyon

Curator of Geology, James Hagadorn, talks about new work focused on dating and deciphering 500 million year old rocks and fossils from the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Educational Chicken Prep

Lab Preparator, Andie Carillo can make an at-home lab right in her kitchen! Using an uncooked chicken, see how she prepares birds in the lab.

Horned Dinosaurs of Colorado

Dr. Joe Sertich talks about how new discoveries from the Denver Basin like the Thornton Torosaurus are helping us understand this bizarre group of dinosaurs.

Endangered Species Day

Learn about the Black Footed Ferret that was rescued from becoming extinct and its breeding center here in Colorado. 

A Practical Guide to Colorado’s Cemeteries

Curator of Archaeology Erin Baxter, PhD, presents the art, history and archaeology of Colorado cemeteries. Baxter has a trove of local stories, headstone IDs, epitaph translations and tips for what to do if you find a tombstone in your backyard along with other practical knowledge for your next (recreational) cemetery visit.

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Preserving Your Treasures at Home

Your treasures are all around you. Conservator Jude Southward shares simple steps you can take to help them last longer and some tricks she uses to care for the Museum’s collections.