Discovery Zone

On Permanent Display
Exhibits, activities, and programs focus on the science process skills, such as observing, quantifying, inquiring, analyzing, creating, and communicating.

Egyptian Mummies

On Permanent Display
Two mummies teach modern scientists how the ancient civilization of Egypt regarded its living and preserved its dead.

Expedition Health

On Permanent Display
The Summit Science Stage in Expedition Health features engaging shows and health science demonstrations throughout the day.

Gems & Minerals

On Permanent Display
Tunnel beneath the earth in a recreated mine and examine a host of colorful crystals and minerals found both locally and globally.

Historical Enactors in the Wildlife Halls

Ever wondered what it would be like to speak to someone from the past?

Konovalenko: Gem Carvings of Russian Folk Life

On Permanent Display
See the only collection of the remarkable Vasily Konovalenko gem sculptures on public display outside of Moscow.

North American Indian Cultures

On Permanent Display
Shelter. Food. Clothing. Tools. Experience the incredible diversity among Native American groups and the practicality and artistry of their everyday objects.

Prehistoric Journey

On Permanent Display
A journey through the eons allows you to trace the evolution of life on Earth, from single-celled organisms to lumbering dinosaurs to the inhabitants of today's world.

Space Odyssey

On Permanent Display
Let knowledgeable Museum Galaxy Guides lead the way as your students investigate using hands-on exhibits, live performances, and demonstrations.

Wildlife Exhibits

On Permanent Display
Animals big and small come to life in exquisitely detailed dioramas that transport you around the world.