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Archive: Making Argumentation Work in On-Line Environments (Webinar)

Webinar: Making Argumentation Work in On-Line Environments

Program Description

How can we use scientific argumentation as a way to continue building community and connection with our students in on-line learning environments during the time of COVID 19? What might Argumentation look like on-line? 

In this free 2.5 hour webinar, you will:

  • Learn more about this important¬†practice of science.
  • Gain some practical instructional strategies that engage students in scientific argumentation both inside and outside of the on-line learning environment.
  • Collaboratively brainstorm with colleagues
  • Participate in exemplar experiences that help you to see what this might look like.


For practicing 5-12 grade teachers.

Date and Time

Original Program Date: Saturday, April 18

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