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Digital Earth Academy: Fire

Program Description

Fire is a powerful force that has shaped our planet for millions of years, burning forests, grasslands and more to make way for new growth. But fire also brings destruction, reducing homes to rubble and filling skies with smoke. How can something so restorative be so harmful? What role does fire play in ecosystems across the globe? What positive steps can we all take to reduce the danger from fires?  Take a live, virtual look at fearsome fire, shaped by student questions and reflections. 

Date and Times

Tuesday, November 9, 2021 
10 a.m. and 1 p.m. All times are Mountain Time.  


Recommended for grades 6 – 12, but all are welcome.

Program Length

45 minutes of a guided program, and 15 minutes of optional Q&A.


Participating in this electronic field trip is FREE at this time.

Equipment requirements

Computer connected to the internet with a webcam, external microphone, and external speakers. 

Digital Earth Academy productions use Zoom videoconferencing software, downloadable at 

Logistical information: 

  • See how to prepare for your day here.   
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About Digital Earth Academy:  

Digital Earth Academy is a new edition of the acclaimed Digital Earth series produced especially  for students. Each month, we examine a different aspect of our dynamic planet: landscapes and  landforms, human impacts and achievements, and much more. With stunning visualizations,  interactive polls, and real-time Q&A, students will make observations, comparisons and  connections and gain a new perspective of the Earth.   

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