Scientists in Action: How Our Brains Learn

Program Description

We go to school to learn new things, but how exactly does our brain work when we absorb new information? Are there ways to help our brains with the process? Join learning scientist and biologist Dr. Melanie Peffer on a virtual adventure that explores the science of learning. Together we’ll peek inside our heads to see what’s going on when we acquire, process, and remember something new and in the meantime, gain an appreciation of all our minds can do. Dr. Peffer will also explain strategies for studying to help our brains learn better. Register today and get ready to learn something new!

Date and Times

Wednesday, December 6, 2023
9 a.m., 10 a.m., 11 a.m., and 1 p.m. All times are Mountain Time.
Created for grades 4-12, but all are welcome.


Recommended for grades 4 – 12, but all are welcome.

Program Length

45 minutes


Participating in this electronic field trip is FREE at this time. 


Equipment requirements

Scientists in Action is available to groups doing in-person and remote learning. Each participant or group will need a computer or device connected to the internet. Groups doing in-person learning may request an on-camera panelist spot, which will require a webcam, external microphone, and external speakers. 

Scientists in Action events are presented via Zoom videoconferencing software, downloadable at 

About Scientists in Action

Scientists in Action is a monthly broadcast series that connects learners everywhere with real  scientists where they work, and is driven by audience Q&A. Each event is a live, two-way  interactive webcast with multiple schools, organizations, homeschools, pods, and families participating. 

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