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Highlands Ranch Dinosaur

In May 2019, curators at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science were contacted about a potential fossil find at a construction site in Highlands Ranch. Dr. Tyler Lyson, curator of vertebrate paleontology, and Natalie Toth, senior fossil preparator, responded. They identified a limb bone and several ribs from a horned dinosaur.

After an initial assessment that took several days due to wet conditions, Dr. Lyson and his team are working closely with Wind Crest and Brinkmann to safely explore the site and document the fossils.

The excavation is on private property amid an active construction site and is not accessible to the media or to the public.

CBS4 Dinosaur Hunter Documentary

Follow Natalie Toth, chief fossil preparator, as she leads the Museum’s excavation of the Triceratops found in Highlands Ranch last summer.

Digital Assets

Images, video, captions, and photo credits related to the fossil find.

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