Colleen Carter

Colleen Carter grew up in a home surrounded by science. Her mother worked in health care and her father in sales (with a passion for science). Colleen has many childhood memories of visiting the great museums in Chicago, where she grew up, and talking about a variety of scientific topics with her father. One of her favorite gifts was a set of Time Life books about the wonders of Earth. She still has the whole set in her home office. She fell in love with so many different areas of science, that she found it difficult to choose just one. She got married and started a family while she continued to consider her academic path. Colleen changed majors at least five times before landing on museum studies.

After several years at Pearl Harbor, where her husband was stationed, she and her family moved to Denver in 2001. She graduated summa cum laude from Metropolitan State University of Denver in 2006. Her degree has a unique title of Integrated Liberal Arts for Museum Studies. Colleen had the opportunity to write her own degree, called the Individualized Degree Program (IDP) at MSU. She included nonprofit business administration, education, and grant writing, with a focus in ancient history and anthropology. She joined the Museum as an intern in 2005 and continued as a volunteer afterward. In 2007, Colleen was hired permanently. She is very passionate about encouraging her daughters and girls everywhere to follow their curiosities and feed their love of science.

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