Evelyn Busch, MA

Evelyn Busch originally started at the Museum in 2000 as a volunteer. She had recently flunked out of college at New Mexico Tech, where she bounced between geological, electrical, and material engineering. In the process, she was part of a team that designed, built, and raced a solar car from Washington, DC, to Orlando—but in the end, that didn’t make up for her GPA.

Evelyn returned to Denver and enrolled at Metropolitan State University of Denver, studying anthropology with a focus on Andean archaeology. In summer 2002, she hoped on a plane and headed to join a field school, in conjunction with the California Institute for Peruvian Studies out of Berkeley, on Peru’s north coast. That summer Evelyn decided she wanted to work in the Andes and not on the plains of Colorado. In 2003, Evelyn was admitted into the University of Denver’s anthropology master’s program. Evelyn spent the next two summers living and working in Peru. In 2005, while in the field, she was notified her supervisor in the education collections at the Museum had transferred to the Zoology Department. When Evelyn returned to Denver, she became the new education collections manager. She enjoys learning a lot about a lot of different things, and does a little of everything all the time. In recent years, Evelyn has let go of her archaeologist identity and replaced it with a more general and broad “I’m a Museum nerd now” identity. Evelyn fully embraces the Museum’s “informal educating with real museum collections” approach to exposing our community to science.

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