Stick chart from the Marshall Islands, used to navigate the South Pacific (DMNS A.926.1). Warped bamboo sticks represent major ocean currents and wind directions; cowry shells represent island chains. Published in DMNS Annals: Voyaging through the Oceanic Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, by Halena Kapuni-Reynolds. (Denver: DMNS Annals No. 7, 2018, p. 5).

Read Steve Nash’s SAPIENS article on the Marshall Islands stick chart, July 2016 Lost or Found?

Dominique Alhambra, MA

Anthropology Collections Manager and NAGPRA Coordinator

Stephen E. Nash, PhD

Senior Curator of Archaeology and Director of Anthropology

Michele Koons, PhD

Associate Curator of Archaeology

Erin Baxter, PhD

Acting Curator of Anthropology

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