To the disagreement of Benjamin Franklin, the bald eagle has been the symbol of the United States since 1784. Franklin disparaged the bird on the principal of its “bad moral character,” citing its habit of steeling and bullying other animals—even people—out of their food. Bald eagles commonly grasp fish straight out of an Osprey’s talons in midair.

These birds need to play and relax every now and again as well. They have also been witnessed using plastic bottles as toys, fidgeting and tossing them around. They have even been seen passing sticks between each other while in flight.

Being a raptor, we can infer some behaviors of dinosaurs from these birds. When they do actively hunt, they sometimes work together to chase prey into the path of other bald eagles. Thus you’ll see depictions of dinosaurs, as with the velociraptors in Jurassic Park, working together to hunt.

Evelyn Busch, MA

Collections Manager of Education Collections, Health Sciences and Scientific Instruments

Colleen Carter

Assistant Collections Manager of Education Collections and Health Sciences

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