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The Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals (ISSN 1948-9293 [print], ISSN 1948-9307 [online]) is an open-access, peer-reviewed scientific journal publishing original papers in the fields of anthropology, geology, paleontology, botany, zoology, space and planetary sciences, and health sciences. Papers are either authored by Museum staff, associates, or volunteers, deal with Museum specimens or holdings, or have a regional focus on the Rocky Mountains/Great Plains ecoregions.

Paper copies can be purchased from Lulu. The Denver Museum of Nature & Science owns the copyright of the works published in the Annals, which are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial license. For commercial use of published material, please contact the archives at [email protected]. The Author Guidelines and the Annals Copyright Transfer may be downloaded by clicking the links.

  • Alger-Meyer, E., Beeton, J.M., Stucky, R.K. & Holen, S.R. 2019. The Pleistocene Mammalian Fauna and Paleoenvironment of the Villa Grove Paleontological Site, Colorado. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 8: 35 pp. (December 23, 2019). Download  a PDF or purchase a printed copy.
  • Kapuni-Reynolds, H. 2018. Voyaging Through the Oceanic Collection at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 7: 139 pp. (October 11, 2018). Download a PDF or purchase a printed copy
  • Nash, S.E. 2014. “A Stone Lives On”: Vasily Konovalenko’s Gem Carving Sculptures at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 6: 67 pp. (November 15, 2014). Download a PDF or purchase a paperback copy, or a hardbound copy.
  • Krell, F.-T. 2014. Pleistocene Dung Beetles from MIS 5 at Ziegler Reservoir, Snowmass Village, Colorado (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Aphodiinae). Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 5: 12 pp. (July 15, 2014). Download a PDF or purchase a printed copy.
  • Johnson, K., Armstrong, B., Colwell-Chanthaphonh, C., Kruger, F., Haglund, K.A. & Krell, F.-T. 2013. Denver's Natural History Museum: A History. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 4: 427 pp. (December 31, 2013). Download a PDF or download the chapters below. Purchase a paperback copy, or a hardbound copy.
    • TITLE, Preface (G. Sparks) and Foreword (P.N. Limerick), pp. 1-10.
    • "A MUSEUM HERE FOUNDED" A summative history (C. Colwell-Chanthaphonh, K.A. Haglund, R.K. Stucky & P. Wineman), pp. 11-64. Purchase a bound reprint of the first chapter: hardboundpaperback.
    • EXHIBITS An Evolution (F. Kruger, L. Clancy & K.A. Haglund), pp. 65-104.
    • EDUCATION Informal science learning for the public (C. Cochran, P. Andrews, L. Davis & R. Smith), pp. 105-136.
    • ZOOLOGY Exploring the biodiversity of Colorado and the world (J.T. Stephenson, P.E. Cushing, J.R. Demboski & F.-T. Krell), pp. 137-178.
    • GEOLOGY Exploration of Colorado's deepest roots (L.D. Ivy & J.W. Hagadorn), pp. 179-230.
    • PALEONTOLOGY Discovering the ancient history of the American West (K. Johnson & R.K. Stucky), pp. 231-282.
    • ANTHROPOLOGY Unearthing the human experience (C. Colwell-Chanthaphonh, S.E. Nash, S.R. Holen & M.N. Levine), pp. 283-336.
    • SPACE SCIENCES Our place in the universe (C. Cochran, K. Evans, D. Grinspoon, D. Klebe, S. Lee, M. Lindsay, D. Neafus & K.C. Yu), pp. 337-362.
    • HEALTH SCIENCES A newcomer and a pioneer (C. Cochran, B. Coghlin & N. Garneau), pp. 363-382.
    • APPENDICES Board Members, Curators, Directors and Presidents/CEOs, Museum Publications, Temporary exhibits, pp. 383-427.
  • Christiansen, M.G. & Stucky, R.K. 2013. Revision of the Wind River Faunas, Early Eocene of Central Wyoming. Part 15. New Nyctitheriidae (?Lipotyphla) with Analysis of the Relationships of North American Taxa. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 3: 16 pp. (September 19, 2013) Download a PDF or purchase a printed copy.
  • Maxson, R.E., Colwell-Chanthaphonh, C. & Lomayestewa, L.W. 2011. Lost in Translation: Rethinking Hopi Katsina Tithu and Museum Language Systems. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 2: 139 pp. (April 15, 2011) Download a PDF or purchase a printed copy.
  • Woodburne, M.O., Gunnell, G.F. & Stucky, R.K. 2009. Land Mammal Faunas of North America Rise and Fall During the Early Eocene Climatic Optimum. Denver Museum of Nature & Science Annals 1: 78 pp. (September 1, 2009) Download a PDF or purchase a printed copy.
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