Colorado Scarab Survey

Colorado Scarab Survey

The latest scientific catalog of beetles occurring in Colorado was published in 1902. Baseline information on the biodiversity of Colorado’s beetle fauna is rather insufficient, considering the ongoing human population growth in the state, habitat degradation, and climate change. In 2007, Frank Krell, PhD, and his team at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science started an ongoing statewide collecting program of scarab beetles in Colorado—the Colorado Scarab Survey. Scarab beetles comprise June bugs, dung beetles, Japanese beetles, and the like. We expect around 300 species to be present in the state. The aim of the survey is to produce a monograph of Colorado scarabs with keys, illustrations, natural history information, and distribution maps for all species, complemented by regular updates on this web page. An initial published compilation of the scattered literature records on the Colorado scarab fauna will serve as the baseline information for the survey.


Frank-Thorsten Krell, PhD

Senior Curator of Entomology

Jeffrey T. Stephenson

Zoology Collections Manager

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