Summer Day Camps 2019

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Need-Based Scholarships

Scholarship slots are still available for most camps and open for registration by phone (303.370.6306). Call today to get information about qualifying and reserving a spot.

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Ages 4–5

Half Day Summer Camps

Star Cruisers

June 3–7 • June 24–28 • July 22–26

Explore, create, and play your way through space, planets, and the solar system


June 10–14 • July 8–12 • July 29–August 2

Act like a paleontologist as you examine and study fossils, visit Prehistoric Journey, and dig for “bones.”

Animal Antics

June 17–21 • July 15–19 • August 5–9

Join the herd and learn all about how animals adapt, from communication to camouflage. Trek through the wildlife halls, get into nature in City Park, and explore the Museum with animal eyes.

Grades K–1

Full Day Summer Camps

Future Astronauts

June 3–7 • June 10–14 • June 24–28 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2 • August 5–9

Get to know the basic forms that fly through space in this stellar camp for stargazers. Find out what stars are made of, how they’re different from planets, why comets streak through the sky, and so much more.

Amazing You

June 3–7 • June 17–21 • July 8–12 • July 22–26 • August 5–9

Your body is brilliant! Celebrate health and find out all about how your body works, from the circulation of your blood to what your body does with the air you breathe into your lungs.

Build It

June 3–7 • June 17–21 • July 8–12 • July 22–26 • August 5–9

Ever wonder how machines work? Get the nuts and bolts of what makes machines work, discover the secrets behind energy, and solve problems in this camp designed for tinkers and dreamers.

Go Wild!

June 10–14 • June 24–28 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2

The animal kingdom is full of surprises. Find out what makes an amphibian different from a bird, if snakes have ears, what milk has to do with mammals, and more on this adventure into the wild world of animals.

Fossil Finders

June 10–14 • June 24–28 • July 8–12 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2

Travel back in time and learn how life has changed over billions of years. Visit Prehistoric Journey, study and “dig” for fossils, and compare rocks from different geologic times.

Da Vinci the Artist

June 17–21 • July 22–26

Prepare to get messy as we discover the science of art and the art of science alongside the great Leonardo da Vinci! Explore the Museum’s exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: 500 Years of Genius, and create your own masterpieces using shaving cream, dyes, paints, and much more!

Grades 2–3

Full Day Summer Camps

Space Cadets

June 3–7 • June 10–14 • June 24–28 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2 • August 5–9

Strap on your jetpack and blast into space for this awesome astronaut training camp. Figure out what kind of heavenly objects exist in our galaxy, design your own rocket, and prepare to launch with your space crew.

Dynamic Dissectors

June 3–7 • June 17–21 • July 8–12 • July 22–26 • August 5–9

Get into the science of how your body works in this camp for future nurses and doctors. Using microscopes and other tools of the trade you will discover all the different organ functions and try your own hand at dissections, from a sheep heart to a whole frog.

Da Vinci the Inventor

June 3–7 • June 17–21 • July 8–12 • July 22–26 • August 5–9

Next time you build something crazy, let one of the greatest inventors of all time be your inspiration. In this camp you’ll learn more about the incredible inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, and create your own catapults, cities, robots, and whatever you can imagine!

Animal Academy

June 10–14 • June 24–28 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2

Get an inside look at animal success stories as you explore animal survival in the wild. Discover what adaptations help mammals, reptiles, birds, and even humans thrive in their everyday lives and flourish into the future.

Can You Dig it?

June 10–14 • June 24–28 • July 8–12 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2

Spend the week journeying through Earth’s prehistoric past. Dig, chisel, create, and discover while learning about Museum discoveries and making some of your own.

I Art Science

June 17–21 • July 22–26

Investigate the intersection of science and art in this camp designed to fuel creativity and curiosity. From sculpting and building, to artful scientific illustration, you’ll learn new techniques to express your observations and create art like a scientist!

Grades 4–6

Full Day Summer Camps

Galactic Explorers

June 3–7 • June 24–28 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2

Explore planets near and far in this adventure-packed planetary camp. Discover what makes a planet great and design your own, build your own robot to maneuver over the surface of Mars, and create your own colony on the Red Planet.


June 10–14 • June 17–21 • July 22–26 • August 5–9

Animals, humans included, do some pretty gross things. Using the tools of the trade, roll up your sleeves and dissect specimens from some of the grossest of animals. Get ready to get dirty in this camp of curiosities!

Decoding da Vinci

June 17–21 • July 8–12 • July 22–26

Ever feel a little ahead of your time? Well, you’ll be in good company as we go deep into what made Leonardo da Vinci so revolutionary, in his time, and in ours. Sketch and design your own crazy ideas for new inventions, build amazing machines, and create your own Mona Lisa.

Paleo Pros

June 24–28 • July 15–19 • July 29–August 2

Expand your knowledge of life, rocks, and the ancient world as you piece together clues and artifacts from throughout Earth’s history with a focus on Colorado’s landscape.


Please complete registration by filling out emergency information for each camper. The emergency card will be sent out to participants via a link on the registration confirmation email, which will come from DMNS Ticketing Store.

Curriculum is designed for children entering into the grades listed for each camp. For instance, if we list a camp as a K-1 camp, it is intended for kids entering kindergarten or first grade.

  • Water bottle labeled with your child’s name (water bottles not labeled will be labeled with permanent marker by camp staff)
  • Comfortable, closed-toe shoes (no sandals)
  • Sunscreen (labeled with your child’s full name)
  • Hat/sunglasses
  • Sweatshirt or jacket
  • Change of clothes
  • Backpack or tote bag
  • Full day camps only: a sack lunch including a drink (the museum does not provide refrigeration)

Along with a camp t-shirt, each day’s activities, and activity materials, children in full day camps will be given a snack each day. If your child has food allergies or preferences, please send a snack with your child.

In the event that your child’s sunscreen is not readily available, DMNS will provide Rocky Mountain Sunscreen Sport SPF 30 if you gave permission on the Emergency Card.

There are two ways to arrange daily drop off and pick up: Curbside check-in and check-out, or walking your children to the check in with instructors at the South side of the Museum. On Monday mornings, all parents will need to drop off their children and check in directly with instructors. Parents will be directed to park along the road on the South side of the Museum.

Curbside Drop off/Pick up will be available every morning and afternoon drop off on Mondays. Remain in your car for curbside check-in and out, on the south side of the Museum.

Curbside check-in cars must enter off of 22nd Ave. Follow posted signs to the drop off area.

  • Drivers may not leave their car unattended at the curbside drop off & pick up zone.
  • Museum staff will meet you at your car to check your child in or out.
  • Please unload children from the passenger side of the car only.
  • Please have your children stay buckled in their seats until we open the door for you.
  • Please have your picture ID ready for check out before you approach curbside pickup.
  • If you need to speak with the teacher, you must park in a designated area and walk to the check-in area on the south side of the Museum.
  • Curbside check-in is not available for Early or Late Care.

Children must be signed out each day by one of the adults listed on your child’s Emergency Card. Photo ID is required every day in order to pick up a child.

Drop-off will occur from 8:45–9 a.m for full day and morning half day camps and 12:45–1 p.m. for afternoon half day camps. If your child arrives after the scheduled drop-off time, please park and bring your child to the security desk, inside the staff and volunteer entrance near the flag pole on the north side of the Museum. A camp representative will be contacted to meet you to sign in and escort the child to the correct camp.

Pick-up will occur every day from 3:15–3:45 p.m. (11:30-11:45 a.m. for morning half day camps). If you are running late, please call 303.370.6455 to let us know you’re coming.

Early Morning Drop-off and Late Check-out are available for an additional $45/week for each, if you need to extend the day for your child. Please note, Early and Late Care fill quickly and we recommend registering when you initially register for camp.

Half Day Summer Camps are offered in the morning from 9– 11:30 a.m. and in the afternoon from 1– 3:30 p.m. The cost for members is $140/week and the cost for nonmembers is $170/week.

Full Day Summer Camps are offered from 9 a.m.– 3:30 p.m. The cost for members is $260/week and the cost for nonmembers is $290/week.

Early Morning Check-In is from 7:30–9 a.m. Early Morning Check-In will be in or near the Morgridge Family Exploration Center. Please enter from the North, through the staff/volunteer entrance, and walk past the escalators toward the Morgridge Family Exploration Center.

Late Check-Out is from 3:30–5 p.m. Late Check-out will be in or near the Morgridge Family Exploration Center. Please enter from the North, through the staff/volunteer entrance, and walk past the escalators toward the Morgridge Family Exploration Center.

Sessions include free time, board games, crafts and active games, all in a relaxed, fun atmosphere supervised by trained Children’s Programs staff. Weekly sessions only.

Camp ends at 3:30 each day. If parents do not pick up their children by the time curbside checkout has completed for the day (3:45 p.m.), camp staff will begin calling parents, emergency contacts, and if needed, the police.

Early Care begins at 7:30 a.m. and Late Care ends at 5 p.m. If children are dropped off too early or picked up too late, parents will be charged a fee. At 5 p.m., parents will be automatically charged a $5.00 fee. For each minute past 5 p.m., an additional $1.00 will be charged. These fees are payable by cash or check (made out to the Museum) due the following day of camp.

Denver Museum of Nature & Science is located at 2001 Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80205. Directions to the museum can
be found on our website at

Each group will be supervised at all times by trained adult educators. All educators have previous experience working with children. Throughout the week, your child may also work with Denver Museum of Nature & Science staff. Additionally, Teen Volunteers will assist the group with activities.

At the beginning of the week, you will be provided with a schedule of camp activities. If you would like to know more about specific activities, please call the Children’s Programs line at 303.370.6455.

Friday afternoons will be wet and wild with a few hours at the end of the day for outdoor water activities! Send your campers with clothes you don't mind getting wet, comfy shoes, a towel, and sunscreen!

Please call 303.370.6455 or 303.370.6343 and the staff member who answers will be able to assist you and/or locate your child.

Camp staff and many Denver Museum of Nature & Science staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid and are able to deal with emergencies as they occur. Should your child need medical attention, we will follow the information provided on your Emergency Card. Parents will be notified of any incident, regardless of its severity.

If possible, please administer medication to your child outside of camp hours. If it’s necessary for your child to receive prescription or over-the-counter medication during camp, your child’s physician must complete a Medication Authorization Form, found at the top of this page. Please note that medication can be dispensed only on written order or a prescription from a physician to the child’s parent or guardian, or to the camp, with knowledge and written consent of the parent or guardian. Medication must be kept in the original container. Prescription medicine containers must bear the original pharmacy label that shows the prescription number, name of medication, date filled, physician’s name, child’s name, and directions for dosage.

In order to distribute medication to your child, we must receive the Medication Authorization Form a minimum of two weeks prior to the start of child’s camp session. Upon review of the form, it may be necessary to meet with the parent to develop a Health Plan.

All sales are final. The Museum has a “no refund” policy. Full refunds will be given only if the Museum cancels a camp.

Please feel free to contact the camp director at 303.370.8315 with any concerns about your child’s experience at Denver Museum of Nature & Science’s Summer Camps. If you wish to file an official complaint, please contact the Colorado Department of Human Services; 1575 Sherman St., Denver, Colorado; 80203-1714; 303.866.5958.

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