Colliding Worlds: How Cosmic Encounters Shaped Planets and Life

Colliding Worlds

Thursday, Mar. 10
7 p.m
Ricketson Auditorium
$12 member, $15 nonmember
In “Colliding Worlds: How Cosmic Encounters Shaped Planets and Life,” Simone Marchi explores the key role that collisions in space have played in the formation and evolution of the solar system, the development of planets and possibly even the origin of life on Earth. Analyzing the latest understanding of the surfaces of Mars and Venus, gleaned from recent space missions, Marchi presents the dramatic story of cosmic collisions and their legacies. On Earth these signs are more subtle, but still cataclysmic, such as the massive asteroid strike that likely sparked the demise of the dinosaurs and many other forms of life some 66 million years ago. Marchi will discuss his new book that includes a chapter focusing on Corral Bluffs, the site of a major fossil discovery by the Museum. A book sale and access to the “After the Asteroid” exhibition will follow the presentation.

Per the Denver Department of Public Health & Environment, masks are required for everyone ages 2 and up. 

Events are subject to change based upon federal, state or local health guidance.  All sales are final unless the Museum cancels the event.

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