Sensory Friendly Movie Night: Ocean Odyssey

Sensory Friendly Movie Night

Sensory Friendly Movie Night: Ocean Odyssey 2D
Thursday, Jan. 26  
5 p.m. – 6 p.m.
$8 Member Adult, $6 Member Senior and Youth 
$10 Adult, $7 Senior and Youth


Dive into the new Infinity Theatre giant screen experience with a sensory friendly screening of Ocean Odyssey in 2D! Movie lighting will be increased and the sound reduced to create a comfortable experience, and guests are welcome to move around, clap, talk, and laugh during the film - and you may even bring your own packaged snacks!


About Ocean Odyssey 

Follow a three-month-old baby whale on a magical journey down one of the Earth’s great ocean highways to discover the incredible world of ocean currents. She will never know it, but as she swims with the flow of the current, her story becomes inexorably connected to our own. 



If you have questions about cancelling tickets for our sensory friendly event, please contact us at 303.370.6000, 9 to 5 or at [email protected].

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