Serengeti: Journey to the Heart of Africa

2023.02.28 Serengeti w/ Nature Conservancy

Tuesday, Feb. 28


Infinity Theater

$15 Member: $18 Nonmember

Prepare to be awed by the immersive giant screen film “Serengeti: Journey to the Heart of Africa.” The Serengeti is home to most of Africa’s iconic animals and hosts one of the world’s greatest natural events — the annual wildebeest migration. Nature has orchestrated a perfect symphony in which every species has a very distinct role to play in a larger story — the balance of an entire ecosystem.

After the film, Chris Pague, senior conservation ecologist for The Nature Conservancy in Colorado, will highlight Colorado’s unique grasslands and The Nature Conservancy’s Southern High Plains Initiative.

Presented in partnership with The Nature Conservancy in Colorado.

The Nature Conservancy

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