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Adult Members Only Evening

Adult Members Only Evening: Survival of the Slowest

Wednesday, Nov. 3
6 - 9 p.m.

$50 Members; $60 Non-Members

Reservations required by Oct. 20. Ages 21+ Only. See it after hours!

Sometimes being slow has advantages. In “Survival of the Slowest” you’ll meet live animals such as a two-toed sloth, a green iguana, a chameleon and several other species that manage to thrive in a world where large, strong and fast animals are often at the top of the food chain. Explore dozens of habitats teeming with live plants and animals, and discover their counterintuitive adaptations and surprising strategies for survival. 

In addition to an adults-only evening in "Survival of the Slowest," you'll enjoy a cash bar followed by a plated dinner.

Event subject to sell out due to exhibit capacity.

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