Summer Day Camps 2021

2021 Summer Camp Updates

[12/11/2020 Update] Due to COVID-19, we are unsure what 2021 camps will look like. We are starting by cautiously anticipating that 2021 camps will be as restricted as last summer, with each camp capped at no more than 10 children per group each week, for a total of about 600 spots for the whole summer.   

This past summer (2020), we were unable to accommodate nearly 600 registered campers and promised their families first chance to register for summer camp 2021. This promise, coupled with our current plan for reduced summer camp capacity, means we may not be able to open registration to more campers. While we hope we will be able to expand our camp capacity, there is no guarantee 

Check back to this Summer Camp page for updates as we have more information.     

DMNS Camp Safety

DMNS prioritizes the health and safety of your camper.  We are monitoring and will follow all CDC, CDPHE and DPH guidelines for camps. The following procedures were implemented for 2020 camps and may change based on the most current health guidance.  

Group Size 
Capacity for each camp is currently at ten campers. Once groups of ten or less are formed, the group will remain together for the entirety of the week.  As much as possible, groups will be kept separate when indoors. 

Face Coverings 
We are adhering to all CDC, CDPHE and DPH guidelines around face coverings. At this time, campers and staff will be asked to wear face coverings throughout the day. Face coverings will be removed during snacks.   

Physical Distancing 
Children and staff will maintain physical distance (6 ft.) as much as possible.  Rooms and activities will be set-up to naturally support this distancing. 

Hand Washing 
To help campers stay healthy we will have set times for washing hands, including when campers arrive at the Museum, before and after eating food, after using the toilet, and touching items or surface that may be frequently touched by other people. 

Read more about what the Museum is doing to keep our guests safe here. 


*Photo above taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic.

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