Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze

Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze

Have you ever looked at the inside of a nautilus and wondered how nature came up with such a perfect pattern? Or wondered why a sunflower’s seeds are placed perfectly in nested spirals?

"Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze" is all about the numbers and patterns that appear in nature. Create, manipulate, and experience patterns as you explore the ways nature organizes itself and inspires human designs.

You’ll enjoy engaging activities to identify patterns in music, art, architecture, and even your own body. Or lose yourself in the centerpiece of the exhibition – an elaborate mirror maze of a seemingly infinite repeating pattern of mirrors.

Interactive Scavenger Hunt

Test your skills by identifying patterns in Museum objects!

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Events and Virtual Offerings

Members-Only Evening: Numbers in Nature

Wednesday, June 9

6 p.m.-9 p.m.

"Numbers in Nature: A Mirror Maze" is a unique immersive experience about math that’s hardly by the numbers. The exhibition beautifully illustrates how patterns surround us in nature. The centerpiece of this math lesson is a giant mirror maze—a sea of equilateral triangle chambers that feel as if you’ve stepped into a kaleidoscope.

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Indigenous Film and Architecture: Symbolism, Geometry and Nature

Wednesday, July 14
7 p.m.
Virtual Event

Join us for a discussion with Daniel J. Glenn, AIA, NCARB, a nationally recognized Native American architect specializing in culturally responsive architecture and sustainable design that reflect his Crow tribal heritage. Two short films will be streamed during the event, an excerpt from "Aboriginal Architecture – Living Architecture," which profiles Glenn’s architectural designs and concepts at the Little Big Horn College at Crow Agency (Mushkeg Productions, 2005.); and "Puyallup Tribe of Indians – Place of Hidden Waters," featuring Glenn’s modern version of the longhouse that houses 20 families and elders and reflects the traditional culture of the Puyallup Tribe in both form and function (Adventure Pictures, 2013, 5 min.). 

Following the films, join us for a live discussion with architect Daniel Glenn, moderated by Mervyn Tano, President of the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management. Indigenous Film is presented in partnership with the International Institute for Indigenous Resource Management and the Denver American Indian Commission.

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Digital Earth: The Earth as Art

Wednesday, July 21
7 p.m.
$5 member, $10 nonmember

Nature creates intricate patterns and stunning designs. The forces of heat, water and air shape the earth in unexpected ways. Have you seen the Earth’s “belly button?” Can you imagine a place where desert dunes hit both rivers and the sea? View these masterpieces of natural phenomenon with Ka Chun Yu, curator of space science, and Bob Raynolds, research associate.

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