It’s captured our imagination for hundreds of years and puzzled scientists for generations. But now, with the help of modern technology, the ancient secrets hidden within this famous monument are revealed!

Learn who built Stonehenge, how massive stones were moved amazing distances and what it was really used for. Buy your tickets today and unlock the secrets for yourself. 

This exhibition is produced by MuseumsPartner in Austria in collaboration with English Heritage.

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Stonehenge: Beyond the Mystery

Wednesday, Aug. 4
9 a.m.
Virtual Event
$5 member, $10 nonmember

Recent research is revolutionizing our understanding of Stonehenge, its builders and how and why they built the monument. Teams of researchers have brought the latest technology to bear, both in the field and in the laboratory, to address many of the questions that have mystified previous generations. Mike Parker Pearson, professor of British Later Prehistory at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, will look at some of the most intriguing discoveries including how the builders lived and where the stones came from, as well as exploring what Stonehenge might have been for. Pearson has been UK Archaeologist of the Year and is a Fellow of the British Academy. He has been directing research on Stonehenge since 2003.

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