2018 Girls & Science Event

STEAM Career Mentor Request for Participation

Girls & Science is an annual educational event hosted by the Museum and CBS4. The eventinspires girls (targeting 3rd-8th grade) to discover an interest in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) careers. The event uses an innovative career fair model where girls meet women working in STEAM careers. The women STEAM Career Mentors interact with the girls and their families to provide hands-on experiences that illustrate “a day in the life” of their jobs. The girls learn about the Mentors’ backgrounds, interests, education, and career paths and participate in activities that are directly related to the Mentors’ jobs. Event attendance has been 7,000-11,000 each of the last three years. Girls & Science 2018 will be at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on Saturday, March 3, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


We are currently looking for female STEAM Career Mentors to be featured at the 2018 Girls & Science event. Because of the high interest in becoming a STEAM Career Mentor for this event, the Museum will conduct a selection process to choose the Mentors. Please read the STEAM Career Mentor Requirements and complete an application (see link below) by 5 pm on October 15, 2017.


 STEAM Career Mentor Requirements: 

  • Female currently participating in a STEAM career who has an interesting and/or unexpected STEAM job and career path and can demonstrate “a day in the life” of her job.
    • Only the Mentor’s career will be featured in her booth
    • The Mentor’s booth will be based on “a day in the life” of her job
    • Collaborate with Museum experts to create a booth with cool tools and objects from her job as well as mementos showing what inspired her to get to where she is today
    • Collaborate with Museum experts to develop one or two child-oriented activities based on tasks or functions she does in her job so girls can try it on, test it out, and play.  
    • Spend 30-60 hours preparing for the 2018 Girls & Science event by attending planning meetings at the Museum, developing a STEAM Career booth and activities, recruiting up to eight colleagues to assist in gathering materials and supplies, set up the booth on Friday, March 2 and manage the activities on Saturday, March 3, 2018.
    • Show her creativity, leadership and passion for STEAM along with hobbies and things she does outside of her job (in order to break stereotypes about who does science)
      • Be featured at her booth and have enthusiastic conversations with kids and their families about her background, interests and hobbies, inspirations, education, and career path.
      • Have Multi-lingual abilities herself or within her booth
      • Ability to work within specific parameters (booth size, furniture and equipment provided, etc.)
      • Attend at least two planning meetings (in January and February) with Museum experts to develop her booth and activities.
      • Complete STEAM Career Mentor application by October 15, 2017  


No associations or multiple organizations in one booth will be considered for the 2018 event.



Timeline for Girls & Science STEAM Career Mentor Selection

September 18, 2017                  Request for Participation released

October 15, 2017, 5 p.m.           Deadline for completion of STEAM Career Mentor applications

October 25-31, 2017                  Potential Mentors chosen and contacted for interviews

October 30-November 17, 2017  STEAM Career Mentor Interviews                                               

December 1, 2017                     Final 2018 Girls & Science STEAM Career Mentors announced on this



Final selection of STEAM Career Mentors will be based on creating an event with a diverse group of STEAM Career Mentors, STEAM careers, and activities. The decision of the Selection Committee will be final.


To be considered as a STEAM Career Mentor we need to learn more about you and your career.
Please read all requirements above and complete the application here:



Your application must be completed by October 15, 2017.


A note to past participants in Girls & Science events who may be applying for the 2018 event. PLEASE READ:


The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is changing the 2018 Girls & Science event to be more of an innovative career fair model where girls meet and interact with women working in science, technology, engineering, art, and Math (STEAM) industries. The STEAM Career Mentors’ role and booths are different from past years and have different requirements for selection. PLEASE READ THE REQUIREMENTS CAREFULLY to make sure you understand the changes.  



Why Girls & Science?

The event is enjoyed by all Museum guests, but the focus on girls is important:

  • Girls can imagine a STEAM career when they meet women who are successful examples.
  • Research has shown that girls are just as interested in STEAM as boys until around middle school, when interest levels steeply decline, primarily because gender bias leads parents, other students, and even teachers to inaccurately suggest, directly or indirectly, to girls that they’re naturally not as good as boys in these fields.
  • The U.S. tech sector is creating jobs faster than it is preparing professionals to fill them. Employers want computer-savvy students. However, the number of high school girls who take the AP Computer Science exam is only 19%.
  • Microsoft’s 2016 global workplace report shows 26% of its employees are female and less than 18% of its engineers are women.


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