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Posted 11/6/2014 12:11 AM by Nicole Garneau | Comments
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So many of you crafty beer and savvy food folks who follow the Genetics of Taste Lab know how beery nerd beery I can get when it comes to the creativity of our local culinary geniuses and brew masters. So it should come as no surprise how uber-jazzed I am to have been invited to co-host the class, Science, Craft Beer & Chocolate Desserts with Chef Sarah Amorese (owner and chocolatier of Boulder’s Piece, Love & Chocolate), Jeff “Mendy” Mendel of Longmont’s Left Hand Brewing Company, and the Museum’s own, Chef Patrick Harnett.


Intrigued? Here’s the scoop. The class will be held on Wednesday, December 10 from 7-9pm, and includes a flight of 8 beers – all from local Colorado craft breweries – and a pairing of more than 10 different chocolates & chocolate micro-desserts.


Now here’s the behind the scene scoop. Mendy, Chef Harnett, and I will have the tedious task on November 18 of visiting some of our favorite Denver bier haunts to select our 8 picks for the pairing; you’ll have to keep a keen eye on Twitter as we release the names of the top flavor picks! I'll be using #beerchoco to announce our picks.


We’ll send our top beers and flavor profiles to Chef Sarah, who will work on designing micro-desserts that we will then pair with the selected beers. We’ll then do a final tasting to ensure the pairings hit all the class notes (science and sensory) that we want participants to experience. In this way we will pull together the worlds of science and art to create a series of tastings that (we hope!) will blow your mind.


The experience itself comes wrapped up in the bow of expertise that my co-hosts and I bring to the table. You will walk away with everything from history, to neuroscience, to culinary insider’s knowledge, to well-meaning foodie banter to use for fodder at your next happy hour.


To join us, you must be 21 years or older. For more information and to purchase your tickets, please visit


Important Info:

This is a limited engagement event, there will only be 45 tickets sold. Although this is being held at the Museum, this is a class run by Piece, Love & Chocolate, therefore you will NOT be able to register or purchase tickets through or at the MuseumIf you have any questions, or would like to be placed on the waiting list under sold out conditions, please give Piece, Love & Chocolate a call at 303.449.4804.




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