Fireball in the Sky


By Samantha Richards, Educator/Coordinator for Earth and Space Gallery Programs

Holy meteor batman! It's been quite an eventful day here at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. This morning, you may have noticed something unusually green and bright streak across the sky. So, what do we know about this unexpected fireball?

The Museum's All Sky Camera is located on the roof and is designed to look for bright, moving objects in the sky. All Sky did not disappoint! It spotted the fireball in the Colorado and Wyoming area on the early morning of March 11, 2015. Video captured the fireball at 6:00 a.m. and lasts for approximately 9 seconds. In the video, the meteor is traveling from the north toward the west.

Researchers will be analyzing this video and others captured in the network to study its trajectory and its origin. Stay tuned for updates from our Space Sciences Newsroom!

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