Scientists in Action

Grades 4 - 8: Connecting Students with Scientists

Want to take your students on an amazing field trip? Scientists in Action connects students directly with scientists during a live broadcast from field sites or research labs. During these conversations, scientists demonstrate research techniques, share new discoveries, and demystify the scientific process.

This educational telepresence creates a "being there" experience and opens a window into science careers. Students interact with and look over the shoulders of scientists who are conducting exciting, real world research.

PREVISIT VIDEO: Highlights the scientist's work so you can familiarizing your students with the content. After watching the video, have your students write down their questions for the Scientists. View archived video content by clicking here.

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  • When Early Humans Walked the Earth

    April 22, 2015 

    Charles Musiba, PhD, of the University of Colorado Denver, combines fossil evidence from both humans and mammals to explore the human evolutionary journey.

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  • Dinosaur Boneyards

    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Join paleontologists from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science as they discuss the world of dinosaurs and how new scientific discoveries inform our world today.

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