Museum on Wheels

Our address may say Denver, but our heart lives in every town across Colorado. So we’re grabbing the keys and taking nature and science on the road. Inspired by our community’s invitation to connect with them in places where they gather, our goal is to embolden a touch of mischief in everyone as we create colorful, eye-popping adventures and pave the way for some science-y fun.

Over the next five years, two vehicles will make their way into schools, parks, neighborhoods, fairs, and festivals. Imagine an expandable vehicle like an RV, and a smaller, pop-up trailer—each roaming Colorado to provide more than 250,000 kids, families, and community members with locationcentric, customized adventures designed to banish the blahs and wake up the wow.

Putting the Museum on wheels means we can reach more people in more places that are meaningful to them. We can reach rural and other communities that might not have the opportunity to visit the Museum, creating an environment where they are doers and decision makers in their world, and bringing them closer to nature and science in ways they never expected when they got out of bed that morning. Time to hit the road.

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