Featured Collections Items

Creation of the Dioramas

Bringing wildlife into our halls

Silver Pin Set

From Bolivia ca. 1930

George McJunkin

African American cowboy

Wooden Plaque of the Oba of Benin

Carved by R.O. Osagiede

Founding of the Museum

Our start in 1900

Fin Whale

Balaenoptera physalus

Ghostly Fossil Bugs

Squashed in a rock


Spiders in Space

Manioc Press

Historic City Park

Our home for over 100 years

Cuneiform Tablets

Colorado's Last Grizzly Bear

A Chapter Closes

Death's-head Hawkmoth


Holotype specimen

The Hikers

From Expedition Health

Navajo Blanket

Stunning fourth-phase, chief-style Navajo blanket

White-tailed jackrabbit

The largest lagomorph in Colorado

Edwin Carter Cabin

Home to a founding collection

Hadrosaur Skin Impression Fossil

Ptolemaic Egyptian Coffin

4th-3rd Century BCE coffin from Thebes

Rainbow Scarab

A sparkling emerald of a beetle collected in our own backyard

Mbuzi/Coconut Grater Stool

Ruth Underhill Field Notes

Notes from a pioneering anthropologist

Yule Marble

CO State Rock

Myrmecicultor Spider

New family of spiders

New Species Shoshonius cooperi

Museum commissioned artwork for a new species

Deep Sea Vent Mollusk

One of the most unusual mollusks

Sunset Moth

An extinct beauty

Incense Burner

Painted, polychrome jaguar effigy Maya incense burner

Gunnison Sage Grouse

Holotype specimen for the Gunnison Sage Grouse

Festive Tiger Beetle

A splendid hunter

King Island Woman and Child

From the Bailey Archives

Stick Chart

Stick chart from the Marshall Islands


Beauty in nature

Elephant Bird Eggs

Largest eggs of any known vertebrate


Balsa wood statues made by the Guna (Kuna) people

Human Kidney Tissue

Histology Slide of Human Kidney Tissue

Ghost-Faced Bat


Cañon City Meteorite

Fossil Forest

A DIA Secret

Orson Welles Recording

Recording of Vision Beyond Time by Orson Welles

Tiger Beetle

Uniquely Colorado

Kissi Pennies

Money with a soul

Primo Plant

Roadside Roadkill

Kero Ceremonial Cups

Akua'ba Figure

Ghanaian fertility figure

"Many Hands Shirt"

Shirt made by Bessie Black Horn

DNA Collection

DNA Collection in the Genetics of Taste Lab

Pedicularia sicula

Symbiosis between mollusks and corals

Seal Gut Parka

Royal Kuba Masks

Plastinated Cross-section of the Human Torso

from the Gunther von Hagens Institute for Plastination

Original Saber Tooth Mold

A Museum treasure

Passenger Pigeon

Driven to extinction


Captivating crystals

Grey-headed Woodpecker

The oldest bird specimen in our collection

Deep Earth Pearl

Diamond in kimberlite rock

Bosom Pals

A gem-carving sculpture by Russian artist Vasily Konovalenko

Dino Death Knell

K-Pg boundary block

Egungun Mask

Yoruba Mask from Nigeria

Mescalero Apache basket

A complicated repair

Manzonia crassa

Tiny shell close up


Turtle Skull

Chi Wara Headdress

Killer Fish


Colorado Bison

South Park Bison

Smoky Hawk King

World’s biggest amazonite array


Tripod metate from Imperial Valley, California

Desert Blue Ball

Blister Beetle

First-phase Navajo Chief's Blanket

Ute Moccasins

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