Everyone Everywhere

Nurturing the spirit of enduring curiosity that lives in us all.

There is a place...you’ll find it just past curious, to the left of imagination, and around the bend from wonder. It’s never the same, and the exact location depends on you. It’s a place where questions such as how do we know?, what if?, and why not? are the norm—no matter what language you speak, how old you are, or where you call home.

This is a place created by you…by your questions, ideas, wishes, and needs. A place that takes your hand and invites you to play and discover. It offers up mysteries to solve, hypotheses to ponder, and stories to tell—and in the process helps you uncover the very essence of you.

Welcome to your Denver Museum of Nature & Science. A place for everyone, everywhere.

Nearby Nature

Step out of the Museum...and into to a life-size diorama.

The Museum and City Park grew up alongside each other, both brought to life more than 100 years ago. One is a place to cultivate the science of nature; the other a place to actually experience nature. Bringing these two treasures together will give Museum guests and park visitors a whole new sense of discovery…inside and out.

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Knock, knock. May we come in?

Seriously, isn’t it way better to learn when you’re having fun? It’s especially fun when you get to learn without having to stray too far from your own natural habitat.

No Walls: Schools is an initiative that goes wherever young learners are, enveloping them in a world of science, nature, and exhilarating adventure, without having to leave their own four walls. Answering the call of our educator community, our ExciteEd! programs are simple. All that’s needed is a bunch of curious kids, a place with room to blow their minds, and our specially-designed, all-in-one experience that turns the ordinary into something brand-new.

This is where projects become the pathways to help kids do awesome stuff in our world, connecting their personal world with STEAM concepts, right smack in the middle of everywhere.

At the heart of this plan is our passion for reaching a culturally, ethnically, and economically diverse audience in ways that resonate, captivate, and inspire, removing barriers of time, cost, and transportation to get to the Museum.

Join us as we transform classrooms into wonderlands of discovery, using a fully-guided activity box or by bringing engaging Museum educators to a teacher’s doorstop through Wonder Workshops. All of this is designed to help fuel students’ passion for nature and science while challenging them to test their limits, engage in critical thinking activities, and solve mysteries together. This is going to be fun.

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Museum on Wheels

Who’s got the keys? This Museum is going places.

Our address may say Denver, but our heart lives in every town across Colorado. So we’re grabbing the keys and taking nature and science on the road. Inspired by our community’s invitation to connect with them in places where they gather, our goal is to embolden a touch of mischief in everyone as we create colorful, eye-popping adventures and pave the way for some science-y fun.

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In the Community

Learning something revolutionary...can happen when you least expect it.

It’s time to set our collective imagination free, harnessing its incredible power to innovate solutions for the world when and where they’ll be needed most. But curious minds with big dreams don’t always have time to get creative at work or school, or have a way to ponder the impossible at a museum for that matter. Imagination needs a home everywhere, from mountain tops to shopping malls, right here in Colorado.

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The Institute for Science & Policy

Making science second nature.

It starts with a vision…a drive to create a world where science always has a seat at the table. After that? Well, it becomes second nature.

Introducing the Institute for Science & Policy. The Institute will provide tools, data, processes, and a safe environment for deliberate, thought-provoking, and change-making conversation on policy issues involving science across the world. It’s intended to be a catalyzing force for making better policy by problem solving through civil dialogue and scientific thinking.

The Institute for Science & Policy is also dedicated to instilling a love and understanding of science and scientific thinking in children, so as adults they’re more likely to support public policy grounded in science.

Through the Institute’s work, we aspire to facilitate the creation of public policy around complex or seemingly unsolvable problems involving science, and envision a future in which all people honor our common humanity, understand the reality of science, and agree that science must be considered in creating public policy. Let’s get this conversation started.

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