K-12 Professional Development

The Cross Cutting Concepts: Modeling scientific thinking while using the science practices

Grades K - 12

Saturday March 2, 2024 , 9am – 3:30  pm 

Join us for a day of hands-on modeling and discussion at the museum, about how to implement the Cross-Cutting Concepts into your science lesson and lab sequences.  

The universe, outside and within us, is full of mystery!  But because it is often too complex, too big or too small, it can be a daunting task to make sense of it.  

It requires that we look at it through different “thinking lenses” or “frames of reference” that uncover what is hidden. These lenses are the “7 Cross-Cutting Concepts”  

The implementation of the new state, NGSS based, science standards has seen some big advances in the area of teachers pushing their students to use “science practices” like argumentation and investigation design to unravel phenomena. But do students recognize the type of thinking needed to employ those science practices?  We will model ways to scaffold the process of integrating all three dimensions in your classroom science practice. 

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Native Plants, Animals, People and Skies Reimagined: A Natural History Immersion Experience along the Colorado River

Grades K - 12

Immerse yourself for 3 days in the wild and secluded beauty of Western Colorado and Eastern Utah as you float the Ruby Horsethief Canyon section of the Colorado River accompanied by a teacher-trainer and naturalist from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.
Explore the interactions that occur every day in nature. See how human activity, past and present, has continuously impacted these native interactions.  Hear stories of resilience and survival from our indigenous plants, animals and people who have survived invaders.  Visit the world’s second largest concentration of arches as you hike through Rattlesnake Canyon and learn the geologic history of that unique landscape.
Date and Time:
Session 1: Onsite Museum Orientation Day 10:00 am – 3:00 pm on June 7, 2024  
Although all are welcome at this session, it is only required for participants seeking the optional credit.
Guests who live 100 miles or more from the museum may join this session by Zoom, link will be sent prior to event. 
Session 2: 3 Day/2 Night River Field Course: June 29th, 30th and July 1st 
For practicing K-12 teachers

Family Members & Friends Welcome (must be 12 years old) 

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Blended Course: Sense-Making By Design - with Patrick Brown

Grades 3 - 8

In-Person Portion

(Required) Weds-Fri  June 12 - 14 and Sat October 5 (Pat only present on June 12 & June 13 and virtually for an hour on Oct 5) 

Asynchronous On-Line Portion

(Required only  for University Credit) Sept 2 - Oct 13  (Complete Four Classroom Implementation Assignments & A  Weekly Discussion Forum (approx 2 hrs per week of work for 6 weeks)

Learn why the sequence of your lessons and labs matters! Join renowned science educator and author Patrick Brown for a fun and interactive course about bringing conceptual coherence for learners to your lessons and labs.  

The session is designed as a complete guided tour for novice teachers, classroom veterans, curriculum specialists, methods course instructors, and informal science educators  

Topics include:  

  • What you need to do. An overview of an effective instructional model called “Explore Before Explain” with considerations about planning and designing effectively  
  • How to do it. Ready-to-teach lessons to cover a variety of science topics. Detailed examples show how specific aspects of all three dimensions of the NGSS can translate into your classroom.  
  • What to do next. Reflection questions will spark thinking throughout the sequencing process and help you to develop the knowledge necessary to adapt these concepts to your curriculum and students’ needs.  
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Demystifying STEM: An introduction to fun and practical approaches to STEM

Grades K - 5

Registration opens soon!

Dates and times:

Face-to-Face Sessions

June 19    8:00am - 4:00pm
June 20    8:00am - 4:00pm
June 21    8:00am - 12:00pm

Online Implementation

September - October

You don't need to be a scientist or an engineer to teach STEM. You just need a little curiosity!

Demystifying STEM is your entry point into engaging and ready to implement STEM
teaching practices tailored specifically for the elementary school classroom.
Come learn how teaching STEM can go hand-in-hand with teaching literacy, and
how you can give your students a head start in developing 21st century skills.

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Rocky Mountain Mind, Brain & Education Conference

Grades K - 12

Join us for the 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Mind, Brain & Education Conference hosted by Denver Museum of Nature & Science in partnership with researchED. This conference brings together K–12 educators and university researchers with a common interest in applying research-based methods from psychology and neuroscience to their practice.

Date: Saturday, November 9th, 2024

Time: 8:00am to 4:30pm

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Archive: 2020-2021 Tools @ Tea Time Program

K-12 TPD

Teachers! Grab your afternoon tea and log in for an end-of-the day boost, with tips and resources from the Museum Teacher Professional Development Team and an opportunity to share strategies with other teachers about remote and hybrid learning.

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