K-12 Professional Development

Virtual Workshop Series: Inspiring Wonder - Using the 8 Science and Engineering Principles

Grades 4 - 8

Come learn how you can use the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to transform your classroom from one in which students learn about science into one in which they figure out science. Increase your students' engagement and build their science skills all while stimulating curiosity and inspiring wonder. 

This workshop series is designed to be as flexible as possible in order to provide educators who are physically or otherwise separated from our museum with the opportunity to collaborate with peers all over the state and access the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s training and teacher resources 

Anyone who wants to attend this series of workshops is most welcome.


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The Social Emotional Brain: Harnessing humanity to reach common goals

Grades K - 12

Jan 7, 2023  (8am - 4pm), February  4 , 2023 (8am - 4pm), and Feb 25 (8am - 4pm)

What does the science of learning teach us about emotion regulation, motivation, belonging, and agency? What makes for deeply satisfying learning experiences?  How can we utilize insights from field-tested mind and brain research to improve classroom equity and help our students to own their learning? This course will equip you with tools that you can immediately implement in your classroom, as well as offer opportunities to interact with and learn from both your peers and experts. Come join us for this edifying educational experience! 

Topics Include:  

  • Equity & Belonging  
  • Mindset, Feedback, and Praise 
  • The Role of Choice  
  • Triggering Flow State  
  • Strategies for building Ownership & Agency 
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Archive: 2020-2021 Tools @ Tea Time Program

K-12 TPD

Teachers! Grab your afternoon tea and log in for an end-of-the day boost, with tips and resources from the Museum Teacher Professional Development Team and an opportunity to share strategies with other teachers about remote and hybrid learning.

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