K-12 Professional Development

Hybrid Course: Demystifying STEM (An introduction to practical and fun approaches to STEM

Grades K - 5

In Person Workshop: June 21 - 23, 2022
6/21 8:00am - 4:00pm  
6/22 8:00am - 4:00pm  
6/23 9:00am - 12:00pm 

Online Guided Implementation: September 26 - October 31, 2022

Come learn how teaching STEM can go hand-in-hand with teaching literacy, and how inquiry-based lessons can help give your students a head start towards developing 21st century skills. In collaboration with the University of Colorado Boulder’s TeachEngineering, Demystifying STEM is your entry point into engaging and ready to implement STEM teaching practices tailored specifically for the elementary school classroom.  

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Field Course: Ecosystem Interactions - Finding the Balance Pt 2

Grades K - 12

Date and Time:

Pre-Trip Info Session (Zoom)  -Tuesday July 19 (6-10pm)

River Field Course ( from Delta Colorado)  Friday July 22-Sun July 24, 2022

Immerse yourself for 3 days in the wild and secluded beauty of the Gunnison River Canyon as you float westward from near Delta Colorado accompanied by a teacher-trainer and naturalist from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Explore the interactions that occur every day in nature. See how humans continuously affect these interactions.

Use your experience to:

  • Connect your student to their environment in a way that creates an “essential nature literacy” that promotes both cognitive development and responsible citizenship.
  • Gain important introductory background knowledge about topics in your science and social studies curricula including: resource management, ecology, geology, western history and astronomy.


  • No prerequisites for this course
  • Family Members & Friends Welcome (must be 12 yrs old min per Credit Requirements)
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Mostly On-line Course: Inspiring Wonder - Using the 8 Science and Engineering Principles

Grades K - 12

Come learn how you can use the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices to transform your classroom from one in which students learn about science into one in which they figure out science. Increase your students' engagement and build their science skills all while stimulating curiosity and inspiring wonder. 

This workshop series is designed to be as flexible as possible in order to provide educators who are physically or otherwise separated from our museum with the opportunity to collaborate with peers all over the state and access the Denver Museum of Nature and Science’s training and teacher resources 

Anyone who wants to attend this series of workshops is most welcome but this professional development is intended for underserved teachers in our larger community. 


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Preconference Workshop: The Science of Learning & Memory

Grades K - 12

Saturday, September 30

Join nationally recognized teacher, presenter and author Andrew Watson for a day-long workshop on the “Science of Learning”. See how understanding the ways that working memory and long-term memory interact with one another can help you create learning experiences that are more challenging, motivating and “sticky”.   Previous teacher participants love how Andrew’s previous workshops at the museum have changed the way they think everyday about lesson design and facilitation, without adding to their workload. 

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2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Regional Mind & Brain Education Mini Conference

Grades K - 12

Saturday, October 1
Join us at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for a day of " Mind & Brain Education" presented and attended by local K-12 educators with a common interest in applying psychology and neuroscience to their practice as they learn about things like:  

  • How do we learn? 
  • How do we regulate emotion? 
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain 
  • What motivates and demotivates learners? 
  • The Science of Belonging & Agency 

We are bringing together local facilitators who will present some evidence-based strategies that you can walk away and use tomorrow.  Choose between several 90-minute concurrent mini-sessions held in 3 rounds. 

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Archive: 2020-2021 Tools @ Tea Time Program

K-12 TPD

Teachers! Grab your afternoon tea and log in for an end-of-the day boost, with tips and resources from the Museum Teacher Professional Development Team and an opportunity to share strategies with other teachers about remote and hybrid learning.

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