Museum on the Move

The Curiosity Cruiser is available for booking! 

Bring the Museum to you with the Curiosity Cruiser, your friendly neighborhood museum on wheels! The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is hitting the road in a pop-up vehicle, stocked inside and out with fun activities for on-the-go wonder for all ages. Keep your eyes peeled for the Curiosity Cruiser as it rolls into a neighborhood, festival, or spot near you, or look up our next stops here.

Want to bring the Curiosity Cruiser to your community? We'll come to your block party, library, brewery - you name it, we'll be there! Our event specialists will tailor a themed experience to your event, and the programs will be staffed by professional Museum educators who know how to feed minds and imaginations. We'll set up the vehicle and facilitate the activities while you enjoy the day.

 Plan your experience today and bring science to life with the Curiosity Cruiser.

Ready to book the Curiosity Cruiser? Here's how:

1. Make sure this is the right program. Planning a school or youth event? Visit our ExcitEd Page instead!

2. Gather information needed for booking with us:
        a. Name/type of event, date, contact information, location, expected event attendance, and non-profit status.
                  i. Are you a non-profit requesting we subsidize all or a portion of the fee? You MUST have an exact dollar amount you are able to pay for the program prior to submitting the form.

3. Fill out our request form.

4. Get Curious! Someone from DMNS will reach out to you shortly with more information and next steps to bring the Cruiser to your event.


Type of Event


Duration of Activation 

For-Profit Organization or
Private Event


2 – 5 hours

Non-Profit Organization

*discounts may be available

2 – 5 hours
*2 – 4 hours at discounted rate

Governmental Agency
(Local, Regional, State, National)


2 – 5 hours

Payment is due 30 days prior to the event or upon confirmation of booking, whichever comes last.

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