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It’s time to set our collective imagination free, harnessing its incredible power to innovate solutions for the world when and where they’ll be needed most. But curious minds with big dreams don’t always have time to get creative at work or school, or have a way to ponder the impossible at a museum for that matter. Imagination needs a home everywhere, from mountain tops to shopping malls, right here in Colorado.

Building on the success of community engagement at the archaeological marvel known as Magic Mountain near Golden, Colorado, and the manifestation of sight, sound, and color that is Dinosaur Gulch in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, we’re designing experiences in other locations throughout the State of Colorado.

These everywhere experiences inspire curiosity, encourage exploration, and spark conversations about dinosaurs, space, discovery, nature, and science.

Our next adventures include Mars Outpost, a custom, space-themed, early childhood play area at Colorado Mills Mall. In addition, we will nurture partnerships with libraries, schools, and the National Western Center in new ways. We might even develop science camps, unveil science vending machines, or conjure up a few pop-up events in parks, community areas, and more. We’re still in the brainstorming phase of this initiative, so watch out, anything could happen…and it probably will.

With our community’s vision to fulfill, we can’t wait to craft new experiences of laughter, learning, and marvel that will delight imaginers. Initiating launch sequence now.

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers “everywhere” experiences that are developed based on real science, encouraging exploration and sparking conversations about the amazing world around us.

Curiosity Cruiser

Museum on the Move

Introducing the Curiosity Cruiser, your friendly neighborhood museum on wheels! The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is hitting the road in a pop-up vehicle, stocked inside and out with fun activities for some on-the-go wonder for families ready to explore together and curious adults on their own. 

Image for at Colorado Mills

Mars Outpost

at Colorado Mills

Kids can explore what it might be like to land on the Red Planet in the free Mars Outpost play area at Colorado Mills.

With planets orbiting overhead, Mars Outpost features a Mars-scape, where kids climb through a rocket-turned-habitat, use a telescope to view the planets above, plan what to pack for life on Mars, try out interactive screens that encourage wonder about our universe and the scientific process, and more.

Mars Outpost is located inside Colorado Mills, near the Children’s Zone. It is well-suited for children under 10 years old, with special opportunities for the littlest astronauts in the toddler section of the play space.

Mars Outpost is presented with generous support from the Sexton Family Foundation.

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Image for at Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Dinosaur Gulch

at Cherry Creek Shopping Center

Dinosaur Gulch at Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a free play place designed for early learners, ages 0–5, with soft, climbable structures modeled after dinosaurs from the Cretaceous Period, such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Pteranodon. They are surrounded by colorful logs, flowers, mushrooms, and a slide shaped like a volcano.

This experience is located inside Cherry Creek Shopping Center, outside Macy’s on level one.

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