"Ancient Caves" now playing at the Infinity Theater

5 Reasons to Watch "Ancient Caves" at the Infinity Theater

Are you ready to embark on a thrilling journey through time and explore the Earth's most hidden secrets? "Ancient Caves," the latest masterpiece playing at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's GIANT SCREEN Infinity Theater, promises to be an adventure like no other. Narrated by the talented Bryan Cranston, this incredible film takes you deep into the heart of Earth's history. Join paleoclimatologist Dr. Gina Moseley and her team of intrepid cave explorers as they uncover the mysteries of our planet's climate in the most unexpected places: caves. To pique your curiosity and enhance your experience, we've prepared 5 quick reasons about this mesmerizing movie, along with several amazing behind-the-scene videos. 

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An Epic Global Quest 

"Ancient Caves" takes you on a whirlwind tour of some of the world's most remote and breathtaking caves. From France to Iceland, the Bahamas to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, the film showcases the beauty and diversity of these hidden underground worlds. If you love to travel and explore, this film will leave you wanting to book your flights to these amazing locations.  

Geologic Fingerprints 

Ever wondered how scientists decipher Earth's climate history? Stalagmites, the geologic "fingerprints" in caves, hold the key. Join Dr. Gina Moseley's team as they collect stalagmite samples that reveal critical information about our planet's climate over thousands of years. 

Behind-The-Scenes Moments 

If you're curious about how this remarkable film came to life, you can watch behind-the-scenes videos that capture the science and adventure that shaped "Ancient Caves." These videos are sure to add an extra layer of appreciation for the dedication of the filmmakers and scientists. 

Adventures Above and Below 

This film isn't just about underground exploration. It also features awe-inspiring underwater cave expeditions that will leave you breathless. The diversity of ecosystems within caves is truly astounding. 

Earth's Climate Puzzle 

Scientists once had no reliable way to study Earth's ancient climate, but "Ancient Caves" reveals how these remarkable explorers are piecing together the puzzle of our planet's past climate changes.  

Discover how rapidly Earth's climate can change and how it has impacted human civilization throughout history. 

As you prepare to visit the Denver Museum of Nature & Science's GIANT SCREEN Infinity Theater to witness "Ancient Caves," keep these fun facts in mind. This film is not only an incredible cinematic experience but also a captivating exploration of our planet's history. Get ready to be amazed, enlightened, and inspired by the wonders of Earth's ancient caves! 


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